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  David Shillito

Business Insights too valuable to have 'out there'

After DECADES of entrepreneurial adventures I now believe ...
  •    A FUNDAMENTAL Understanding & ever-growing knowledge of as many elegant Business Models as possible is a MASSIVE advantage when assessing / launching any new venture  
  •    To grow a business ... we must first grow the OWNER
Here's what Sales Legend Brian Tracy (author of over 70 business books) has to say about the importance of understanding Business Models ...
That's what my Business Model Mastery™ Inner Circle is all about. Elegant Business Models ideas (old & new) to up-level your knowledge & THEREFORE your business savvy / options

So who the hell am I to teach YOU about Business Models?

Fair question, easy answer - Click on my name above (next to my picture) & read what others say (you won't leave this page)

Even experienced, savvy business owners struggle to recall a handful of Business Models (ways to make money) 

All they can think of are ...
  •    Buying at one price & selling at another (e.g. Arbitrage) ~ This is basically every shop, store, eCommerce business you see everywhere. Even restaurants & Cafés are buying steaks & coffee at one price & selling them to you the customer at a markup, right?
  •    List Building (Database Marketing). Build a list of contacts & offer your own {or other peoples} products & services to that list (email lists, Direct Mail lists, etc)
  •    Service Business (e.g. Barber, tree surgeon, copywriter etc) 
  •    Reseller of other peoples goods / services (e.g. as an Affiliate)
  •    A Hybrid of the above four ... like a Tire Bay, where they buy stock at wholesale, sell to you at retail AND offer a fitting service

But get this ... There are in fact over TWENTY other ways to make money!
 That's TWENTY Business Models AS WELL AS those four above, that YOU likely don't know about ... yet!

My Business Model Mastery™ Inner Circle Program will reveal, every month via Video, PDF & MP3 ... many OTHER stealthy & elegant ways to build a business (that only the Dragons Den types know about)


Things have to change IN you before they can change FOR you

The can be little business growth without the business OWNER growing first, agree?

"There are hundreds of millions of small business owners, worldwide, moaning every day that 'business is crap' when in fact, it's just they who are ... crap at business"

From million pound businesses to 'one person armies' ... no matter if you are a gadget shop, a carpet company, a fitness professional, a digital product creator or you rent out motorhomes - you WILL get great value from my Business Model Mastery™ Inner Circle

Everyone in business needs to be in a program like this ...

... But guess what ... I'm not selling to 'need'

The Universe simply doesn't respond to 'need'

Not your needs or mine

It couldn't give a shit

It's INDIFFERENT to 'need'

(& indifferent to 'deserve' you may have discovered)

HOWEVER, if ...
  •    The timing is right for YOU to start a(nother) business
  •    You KNOW you are entrepreneurial but need new ideas
  •    You have an idea you need validating before spending money
  •    The timing is right for you to engage a mentor
  •    You are receptive to COACHING
  •    You THINK you need capital (that you dont have) to grow
  •    You already have a business which is no longer serving you
  •   Your business (or job) is just too physcially demanding
  •    Your business (or job) is taking up almost ALL your time
  •    You're over 40, over qualified ... & STILL can't find 'work'
  •    You're unemployable (Hey, I am. I wouldn't last 2 mins in PAYE)
  •    You know a LOT about sales & marketing & STILL can't get ahead
  •    You've had it doing what everyone else in your industry is doing

... then you're in the right place!

OK so what's waiting Inside the
 Business Model Mastery
'Inner Circle' v3.0
  •     ME.  Teaching my best stuff every month in person on video
  •     Everything is downloadable (All Videos, PDFs & MP3s)
  •     Monthly IC Issues posted out to you in HARDCOPY (optional)
  •     Direct Priority Q&A access to me, personally
  •    Unlimited salescopy & webpage critiques (usually £47 a time)
  •    A 1000 name UK Direct Mail list to download ... ever month! 

  •          A Members resource site updated with regular ...

  •    Book & tool recommendations (my six figure reading list)
  •    Various tutorials & courses to help you ...

      >>  Use 'authority' to help you market yourself & your offers

      >>  Close sales

      >>  Follow up

      >>  Brand yourself & your business using content

      >>  Craft a compelling USP

      >>  Polish up your presentation skills

      >>  Become more confident

      >>  Sell online

      >>  Manage your online reputation

      >>  Write emails that SELL

      >>  Create products GUARANTEED to sell

      >>  ... oh, and lot's more gooey goodness
But my Inner Circle isn't for everybody - & I understand that

If you don't really 'get' the monumental value of UNLIMITED SUPPORT

If you don't really 'get' that ... JUST the 1000 name UK Buyers Direct Mail List included with your membership EVERY MONTH, is worth SIX TIMES the monthly subscription alone 

If you want 'instant' results just because you joined without taking real action and actually implementing what I teach

If you are looking for a new 'business opportunity' and want to get rich as quickly as possible (Pssst ... that mindset is a roadblock)

If you're not really 'entrepreneurial' in nature (so avoid risk rather than manage it) & see everything you spend as an expense not an investment, or you're broke, this may well not be for you

However ... if you just KNOW you need to be more, have more & do more with this life, then the Business Model Mastery™ Inner Circle will light fires in your imagination & your soul ... & give you ideas you would NEVER have though of on your own

I guarantee it

Life doesn't give you what you want ... it gives you who you are

It's time to step into who you need to become

To become the kind of person who will inevitably get more of what you want in this life, because you KNOW more

Want to carry on playing small? Go ahead - knock yourself out, because just as sure as night follows day the results of playing small will continue to show up in your life

Oh, and know this ... I will not treat you like a precious snowflake, if something is shit I'll say its shit, OK? A business opportunity you've come across, your webpages, your own business idea ... run it by me BEFORE you sink time & money into it ... I'll be honest

Life brings to you what YOU bring to life

It's time for YOU to step up & live into your personal model of success, whatever that might look like, to live as most people you know think you never will

It's time to have more by becoming more!

Access to the Business Model Mastery™
Inner Circle is only £47 per month  

(The 1000 name UK direct mail buyers list is worth 6 x that every month)

Let's Get Going!
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(Psssttt ... there are far more than 12,000 available to you if you stick with the program)

IMPORTANT: These contacts are not just for 'one time use' like list RENTAL, you can use your ever growing list over & over again ~ because it's YOURS ~ you will OWN it


Sure there is! ~ Hey, I can't get my Intellectual Property back, so there are no refunds (beyond the 7 day cooling off period required by UK law covering damaged or faulty goods) but this is not a cult, you are not locked in for any fixed period, so if at any time you decide the Inner Circle is not a fit for your business or personal growth goals, you are free to cancel anytime with no ongoing obligation

I also guarantee that ... to have more you absolutely must learn more to become more

So. What's it going to be?

Continue to stare up the steps of life or actually start stepping up the stairs?

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